shibaonkougata chouzubachi  司馬温公形手水鉢
KEY WORD : architecture / gardens
Lit. Sima Yungong type. One style of natural stone water basin *shizenseki chouzubachi 自然石手水鉢. According to legend, when a friend of the 11c Chinese child prodigy Sima Guang (Jp: *Shiba Kou 司馬公) was drowning in a large jar, the young Sima used a heavy stone to break open the jar and let the water out. The Shibaonkou type water basin employed large stone with a jagged top edge to suggest the bottom-half of the broken jar. The best-known example is in front of the Shourentei 青漣亭 of the Toujiin 等持院, a temple said to have been built for Ashikaga Yoshimasa 足利義政 (1435-90).


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