Shiba Kou 司馬光
KEY WORD :  art history / paintings
Ch: Sima Guang (1019-86); also called Sima Wenguan (Jp: Shiba Onkou 司馬温光), and used the name Junshi (Jp: Kunjitsu 君実). A statesman and Confucian scholar of the Northern Song dynasty, famous for great intelligence. Born in Shanxi (Jp: Sasei 山西). Best known for an incident in his youth in which he saved a playmate from drowning in a large jar by using a heavy stone to break open the bottom of the vessel, letting the water out. This story was a theme in Japanese art of the Edo period and often is represented as part of pictures of Chinese boys at play *karakoasobi 唐子遊. A standard subject for *Kanouha 狩野派 artists, the legend was also painted by other specialists in Chinese subjects such as Kawanabe Gyousai 河鍋暁斎 (1831-89).


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