shake 社家
KEY WORD : architecture / shrines
Also shashike 社司家 or shakeshuu 社家衆.

1 A hereditary line of Shinto priests of various ranks.

2 The residences both within and outside the precincts of the shrine in which the priests live. Usually such residences form a village called *shakemachi 社家町. In the Edo period there were almost 300 such dwellings located in front of the Kamo Wakeikazuchi Jinja 賀茂別雷神社(wellknown Kamigamo Jinja 上賀茂神社) in Kyoto. Now only about 30 remain along the narrow Myoujin 明神 River which flows beside Fujinoki 藤ノ木 street. Access to each residence is provided via a stone bridge over the stream. The gates have tiled roofs. Other examples can be seen at Fujiyoshida 富士吉田 in Yamanashi prefecture and Miyajima 宮島 in Hiroshima prefecture.


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