seppou Amida 説法阿弥陀
KEY WORD :  art history / iconography
Lit. the Buddha *Amida 阿弥陀 preaching a sermon seppou 説法. A statue of Amida forming the mudra of turning the wheel of the Law *tenbourin-in 転法輪印, which is originally associated with *Shaka 釈迦 preaching the first sermon. Amida typically has both hands raised in front of his chest, palms turned outwards with the thumb and forefinger on each hand touching in the gesture of preaching. Variations of this mudra include images with thumb and middle finger or ring finger of each hand touching with both palms facing outward. Other forms include images with one hand facing outward and the other turned toward his chest, again with the thumb and one of the fingers of each hand forming a circle. In Pure Land Buddhism this mudra is associated with the middle class, middle three levels of Amida's Paradise.


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