Seiryou Gongen 清滝権現
KEY WORD :  art history / iconography
Also read Kiyotaki Gongen. A protective deity associated with the Chinese temple Quinglongsi (Jp: Seiryuuji 青竜寺) in Ch'ang-an (Jp: Chouan 長安). She was enshrined in Jingoji 神護寺 in Takao 高尾 as a guardian of the Shingon 真言 sect by *Kuukai 空海 (774-836) upon his return from China. She was worshipped by priest Shoubou 聖宝 (832-909) at Daigoji 醍醐寺 as a manifestation of Nyoirin Kannon 如意輪観音. This Kannon as said to grant long life, safe births, and to stave off natural disasters. Structures dedicated to her were built at the summit and foot of Mt. Takao in 1097. She usually appears as a lady wearing court robes juunihitoe 十二単 and carrying a jewel *houju 宝珠. However she is also identified with *Zennyo Ryuuou 善女竜王, a legendary dragon king who appeared and brought rain to Kuukai and who is usually seen in Chinese robes with a dragon's tail poking out from under them.


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