sashi-ishi 差石
KEY WORD : architecture / tea houses
Small, oblong (6-10cm) or rectangular stones placed in the space below the bamboo wall base kabedomari 壁留り of the *souan 草庵 style tea house. Usually about 1/3 of the stone is buried with the remaining portion exposed. Favored stones include the Kibune 貴船, Kamogawa 鴨川, Kouya 高野, Joudoji 浄土寺, and Kurama 鞍馬 stones from Kyoto, Eigenji 永源寺 stones from Shiga prefecture, Ooiso 大磯 stones from Kanagawa prefecture, and Tsukuba 筑波 stones from Ibaraki prefecture. River stones are also used.

*kekomi-ishi 蹴込石 

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