sashigeta 指桁
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Also called sashibari 指梁. The short visible purlins that jut beyond the barge course *keraba 螻羽, on the gable *tsuma 妻 end of a gable roof. The bargeboards *hafu 破風, are attached to the ends of the visible purlins by a tenon and mortise, hozosashi ほぞ差. Prior to the development of the hidden roof *noyane 野屋根, in the 11c only one ridge *munagi 棟木, was used and there were no sashigeta. The bargeboards were attached to extended ends of ordinary purlins *keta 桁.

*sashimoyageta 挿母屋桁, *sashimune 挿棟, *sasubari 扠首梁, *sashihijiki 挿肘木

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