saruboo tenjou 猿頬天井
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
A ceiling characterized by battens with six sides that are not all the same size. It is similar to a *saobuchi tenjou 竿縁天井 which has battens with sides of equal size. The shape of the batten cross-section is called saruboomen 猿頬面 because the chamfers at the corners facing toward the floor are sharper than 45 degrees and the vertically long cross section suggests the shape of a monkey's face. The battens that surround the edges of the ceiling have the same shape but are called saruboobuchi 猿頬縁. Saruboo tenjou are considered more elegant than the ordinary, sometimes rustic ceiling with six-sided battens.

a) saruboobuchi 猿頬縁
Old Andou 安藤 house (Yamanashi)

saruboomen 猿頬面


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