sansha takusen 三社託宣
KEY WORD :  art history / iconography
Lit. the oracles of the three shrines. These popular hanging scrolls, sold at Ise Jinguu 伊勢神宮 were the focus of devotion *honzon 本尊 or principal image of the Shinto confraternities called sansha takusenkou 三社託宣講 which were popular in the Edo period. The first name on the scrolls is that of Amaterasu Oomikami 天照大神 who is located at Ise Jinguu in Mie prefecture, and who emphasises the virtue of honesty. The second is Hachiman Daibosatsu 八幡大菩薩 located at Iwashimizu Hachimanguu 石清水八幡宮 in Kyoto who stands for purity. The third is Kasuga Daimyoujin 春日大明神 of Kasuga Taisha 春日大社 in Nara, who represents compassion. The linking of these three deities, especially in the realm of public worship was quite common from the Kamakura period, but the cult developed more fully in the late Muromachi and Edo periods. The scrolls were also used in other kou 講 or confraternities, for example in the Shunnichikou 春日講 (also read Kasugakou). The sansha takusen scrolls are related to other devotional scrolls that display the names of deities in fine calligraphy.


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