Sanpei kaikyou 三平開胸
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Ch:Sanping kaixiong. Lit. Sanpei baring his chest. Also Sanpei Sekkyou 三平石鞏 and Sekkyou choukyuu 石鞏張弓 (Sekkyou stretching his bow). The Tang dynasty painting theme of priest Sanpei's 三平 first visit to the priest Sekkyou (Ch:Shigong). Typically when called upon by another priest, Sekkyou would fit an arrow in to his bow, draw the bow string taut, and aim at his visitor as a test. Sanpei, however, boldly responded to Sekkyou's challenge by uncovering his chest. This unconventional reaction deeply impressed Sekkyou, and by some accounts he reached enlightenment at that instant. The painting of the theme by Kanou Motonobu 狩野元信 (1476-1559; ca.1513, Daitokuji Daisen-in 大徳寺大仙院, now Tokyo National Museum).


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