sankou tourou 三光灯籠
KEY WORD : architecture / lanterns 
An unusual lantern style found along the pond at Katsura Rikyuu 桂離宮, Kyoto. It is a small, rectangular box-shaped lantern that can be moved. The inside appears scooped out and it is covered by a roof that is about 1 1/2 (40.5cm) long, less than a foot wide (28.79cm) and about 9 tall (22.73cm). A sun and moon are carved on the two longer sides of the flame holder and on one of the shorter sides is a star-shaped window to light the flame. The roof, which serves as the umbrella/canopy, is a slightly upturned hip-and-gable form; it is about 3 (7.58cm) thick and beveled. The sun, crescent moon and star are called the 3 lights. This lantern was designed to light the path of a person after he had crossed the pond and alighted from the boat.


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