sankoujou 三光尉
KEY WORD : art hiostory / sculptures
A noh mask *noumen 能面 representing a plebeian old man. Deep furrows line the cheeks and forehead. White beard and head hair are implanted with horsehair. Both upper and lower teeth show behind the implanted moustache. Sankoujou is worn in the first act of plays like AKOGI 阿漕, and KUZU 国栖 for the role of a fisherman, and it can also be used for the old fisherman or farmer appearing in the first act of warrior plays like YASHIMA 八島, SANEMORI 実盛 and TADANORI 忠度. In the Konparu 金春, Kongou 金剛, and Kita 喜多 schools, sankoujou often replaces the mask *asakurajou 朝倉尉. Said to have been first made by the late15c carver Sankoubou 三光坊 (see *jissaku 十作), the founder of the Deme 出目 school of mask carvers, after a visionary dream.

*joumen 尉面 

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