sandandaki 三段滝
KEY WORD : architecture / gardens
Lit. three-stage waterfall. One common type of garden waterfall. Through the arrangement of earth and rocks, the waterfall is built in three levels, often with one or more of the levels divided into double or even triple streams. Usually one level will feature a thin "falling thread" waterfall while another level makes use of the broad, smooth "flowing cloth" waterfall. Moreover, sandandaki often make use of right-falling waterfalls to create visual interest. One type of sandandaki is the the *ryuumonbaku 竜門瀑 (dragon's gate cascade). Generally the entire waterfall is not more than 3 meters high. Good example are found at Daigoji Sanbouin 醍醐寺三宝院, Nijoujou Ni-no-maru 二条城二の丸, and Murin'an 無隣庵, all in Kyoto.


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