sakakibashira 逆木柱
KEY WORD : architecture / decorations
Also sakabashira 逆柱 or sakasabashira 逆さ柱. Lit. upside down pillar.

1 An upside down spiral design applied to one of twelve pillars of on Nikkou Toushouguu *Youmeimon 日光東照宮陽明門 (1636) in Tochigi prefecture. The other pillars are covered with white plaster with an all-over relief pattern called *guri 屈輪, a design that has double spirals. The sakabashira has the same design applied upside down.

2 An inverted pillar in a Japanese vernacular house. Throughout Japan, it was considered important that a vernacular house have an inverted pillar, one with the root end up and the top end down, to ward off ill luck for the occupants.
Nikkou Toushouguu Youmeimon 日光東照宮陽明門 (Tochigi)
a) sakakibashira 逆木柱
Nikkou Toushouguu Youmeimon 日光東照宮陽明門 (Tochigi)


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