sakadono 酒殿
KEY WORD : architecture / shrines
Also misakedono 御酒殿, the prefix mi 御 is an honorific.

1 A shrine building specific to the Ise Jinguu 伊勢神宮, in Mie prefecture, where sacred rice wine, sake 酒, was brewed for offering to the gods and the emperor. While shrines no longer brew their own sake the sakadono building, 1632, remains at KasugaTaisha 春日大社 in Nara. The building is 5 x 3 bays, with cypress bark, roofing *hiwadabuki 桧皮葺, covering a gable roof *kirizuma yane 切妻屋, built with untreated wood. The roof is cut open at the peak to form a smoke vent.

2 Sometimes used as an equivalent for a liquor shop sakaya 酒屋.
Ise Jinguu Naikuu Misakadono 伊勢神宮内宮御酒殿 (Mie)
Ise Jinguu Naikuu Misakadono 伊勢神宮内宮御酒殿 (Mie)


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