Rei Shoujo 霊昭女
CATEGORY: art history / paintings
Ch: Ling Zhaonu. Raised by her aged parents as a devout Buddhist, this semi-legendary daughter of Tang dynasty lay Buddhist *Hou koji ほう居士 (Ch: Pang jushi) is regarded as a paragon of filial piety because by selling bamboo baskets in a nearby town she kept her family as the bread winner. Often depicted with alms money in one hand and bamboo baskets in the other, it is more usually by the baskets that she is identified : all cases she is beautiful. Images of Rei Shoujo date from the Muromachi through early Edo periods. There are well-known portraits by Gakuou 岳翁 (act. 1486-1514) and Maruyama Oukyo 円山応挙 (1733-95; Kongouji 金剛寺). Rei Shoujo also appears along with her father in a screen by Kanou Sanraku 狩野山楽 (1559-1635; Daihouonji 大報恩寺).


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