Ougi-no-mato  扇の的
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Lit. The Fan Target. A pictorial theme connected with a famous incident from the Battle of Yashima *Yashima kassen 屋島合戦. According to the HEIKE MONOGATARI 平家物語 (The Tale of The Heike). On the evening of the eighteenth day, second month of 1185, from among the Taira 平 ships, which had earlier fled the beach, a small boat rowed toward shore. An elegant young woman wearing red and white emerged and held aloft a red fan decorated with gold sun mounted on a pole. Minamoto 源 general *Yoshitsune 義経 (1159-89), accepting the challenge, summoned his best archer Nasu no Yoichi 那須与一 (or Munetaka 宗高) to shoot at the fan target. Riding into the surf, and with both Taira and Minamoto armies watching, Yoichi let fly an arrow that knocked the fan from its perch. The scene is standard iconography on screens showing the Genpei Battles Genpei kassen 源平合戦 and is occasionally depicted in warrior prints by *ukiyo-e 浮世絵 artists.

*heike-e 平家絵

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