ooire ariotoshi 大入蟻落
KEY WORD : architecture / joints
Also called kageire ariotoshi 陰入蟻落; ooire arikake 大入蟻掛. A joint made to connect a purlin *keta 桁 at right angle to a ground sill *dodai 土台. This joint is also employed to join a purlin to the rear surface of a bargeboard *hafu 破風. When the bargeboard is very large, it is necessary to use a kind of bridging member called a *dokkohozo 独鈷ほぞ. The part inserted into the bargeboard has a dovetail cut. The end placed within the purlin is a haunched tenon with keys *shachi 車知. The dotted lines on the beams indicate the part inserted into the bargeboard.

*ooire 大入, *ariotoshi 蟻落

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