onari-niwa 御成庭
KEY WORD : architecture / gardens
Lit. a visitor's garden. A garden at an aristocratic dwelling, located at the entrance for royalty, shogun and noblemen. It is an open garden with sand raked into wave patterns and precisely placed stones which imitate a natural scene. Low growing bamboo and azaleas are a common feature but there are no trees, and thus no shade. The open garden prevents intruders from gaining access to the dwelling. An absence of fences meant no effective hiding places for the uninvited. This type of garden was described in the 1694 publication, KOKON CHADOU ZENSHO 古今茶道全書 (scroll #5), which was later separated from the original work and given the title, SHOKOKU CHATEI MEISEKI ZUE 諸国茶庭名跡図会.


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