nunomezuri 布目摺
KEY WORD : art history /paintings
The woodblock print *ukiyo-e 浮世絵 technique of blind or gauffrage printing. The technique employs woven fabric glued to a woodblock to emboss the design of the weave, nunome 布目 onto the paper. Normal embossing for ukiyo-e prints requires that a separate woodblock be cut in the shape required for the uninked printed impression. In the case of nunomezuri, however, scraps of silk gauze, ro 絽 or gossamer, sha 紗 were cut and glued in the right positions on the uncarved block. The supple paper was made very wet and rubbed with a *baren 馬連, which caused a weave pattern to be left on the paper. Not surprisingly, this technique was generally used to suggest fabric patterns on a figure's robes. Occasionally it was also employed on pale-colored backgrounds. This technique is found only in prints produced in the 19c.


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