nuikugi 縫釘
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Lit. sewing nail.
1 A nail that connects the two parts of a scarf joint *sogitsugi 殺継, as for example, on a rafter purlin tarukigeta 垂木桁. This type of nail can be sharpened on each end. One end is inserted into board A. Board B can then be joined to board A by pounding board B against the exposed point of the nail already in board A.

2 A curved nail that resembles an upholster's needle. It is pounded diagonally through the side of board B and then hammered until it is about halfway into board A.

3 A straight nail like a spike that is driven diagonally from the side to join two boards. A nail without a curve is called uchikomikugi 打込釘 (a driver nail).



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