norigoe-ishi 乗越石
KEY WORD : architecture / tea houses
Lit. step-over stone. One of the trump stones *yaku-ishi 役石 set into the ground where one steps over the middle gate *chuumon 中門 in the *roji 露地 or tea garden *chaniwa 茶庭. Because tea gathering etiquette required a brief greeting at the chuumon, the norigoe-ishi and the guest's stone *kyaku-ishi 客石 are placed outside the gate, and the host's stone teishu-ishi 亭主石 inside the gate. These trump stones are higher than other stepping stones *tobi-ishi 飛石. In some cases the norigoe-ishi and the teishu-ishi are doubled or combined into one large, flat stone. In cases when a bolted gate *sarudo 猿戸 or wicket *kido 木戸 are used to divide the outer garden from the the inner, the norigoe-ishi is omitted and replaced by a door stop stone tozuri-ishi 戸摺石.


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