noborihige 登髭
KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
Also written 上り髭, Lit. climbing beard. The name of a mask used in kyougen 狂言 plays. Noborihige has the face of a rustic old man with a slightly protruding forehead, low nose and several teeth missing. His name is inspired by the upward-growing hair on his temples. As well as implanted hair around the lower half of his face, he has painted hair on his chin, upper lip, and eyebrows. Noborihige is used to play kyougen roles of gods, hermits, and spirits of the dead. He represents the god of a sub temple, massha-no-kami 末社の神 in ai-kyougen 間狂言 scenes (kyougen interludes forming part of a *nou 能 play) in such nou plays as ARASHIYAMA 嵐山 and KAMO 賀茂 (The Thunder God).

*kyougenmen 狂言面, *noumen 能面 

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