Niou no Miya 匂宮
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
A pictorial subject taken from "His Perfumed Highness" or Prince Niou, Niou no miya, Chapter 42 of GENJI MONOGATARI 源氏物語 (The Tale of Genji). The prince Niou is son of the reigning emperor and Genji's daughter, the Empress Akashi, Akashi no Chuuguu 明石中宮. This chapter serves to introduce the two main protagonists in the last part of the Tale, Prince Niou and Kaoru 薫, the latter being Genji's purported youngest son but actually the child of his wife, the Third Princess Onna San no Miya 女三宮, and *Kashiwagi 柏木. The episode most frequently chosen for illustration from this chapter is the procession of *Yuugiri 夕霧 to the Rokujou 六条 mansion with Niou, Kaoru and many others in a light snow flurry after an archery match, noriyumi 賭弓 in the First Month.

*genji-e 源氏絵 

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