nenohi-no-asobi 子日遊
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Also called komatsuhiki 小松引 (pulling up small pines). Lit. Day of the Rat Celebration. One of the traditional events of the New Year's season which celebrated the first Day of the Rat, hatsune 初子 by going out into surrounding fields and gathering young greens as well as small pine seedling by the root: it is retained in the traditional New Year decorations which include pine fronds. As a pictorial theme, it is found both as an independent subject and as part of *nenjuu gyouji 年中行事 pictures. In Japan the practice can be traced back to the 8c. The theme appears in *yamato-e やまと絵, often as a scene of a series in scrolls or screens illustrating events associated with the New Year. Notable examples include a set of sliding-door paintings by Reizei Tamechika 令泉為恭 (1823-64) in Daijuji 大樹寺, Aichi prefecture.


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