nanakogaki 魚子垣
KEY WORD : architecture / gardens
Also urokogaki 鱗垣, gonomegaki 互の目垣. A fence made from semi-circular pieces of bamboo or metal. Bamboo examples are also called takenamigaki 竹波垣. There are different types of nanakogaki named according to the height of the semi-circular segments and the pattern in which they are combined. Variations include ichijuu 一重, kasane 重ね, hachijuu 八重, koshitaka 腰高, komochi nanakogaki 子持ち魚子垣  These fences are reinforced to prevent them from falling sideways. Bamboo intersections are tied with rope, and steel intersections are welded together. Also, to stabilize a bamboo fence, the bamboo segments are nailed into a log placed underground, while a steel fence has a concrete foundation.


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