nakajou 中城
KEY WORD : architecture / castles
Also *ni-no-maru 二の丸, ni-no-kuruwa 二の郭, naka-no-maru 中の丸. Term used in the Kantou 関東 region to mean the middle compound in a medieval castle、which was divided into three compounds. In the 15c, Edojou 江戸城 for example, was divided into three sections called shijou 子城, nakajou and sotojou 外城. In the early Modern period nakajou became known as ni-no-maru, and was considered second in importance to the main ward *honmaru 本丸. Nakajou housed the owner's close relatives and retainers. Storehouses, kura 倉, were also built there. In the Edo period many castle owners themselves transferred their personal residence to the nakajou.


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