nakadoma machiya 中土間町家
KEY WORD : architecture / folk dwellings
An urban vernacular residence *machiya 町家, characterised by a inner earth-floored area *nakadoma 中土間, typically dividing a shop *mise 店 and living area *ima 居間 on its lower *shimote 下手 side from a more refined living and reception suite on the upper *kamite 上手 side. The front part of the earthen-floored area *doma 土間, of many machiya is in effect a nakadoma because of the auxillary shop space *shimomise 下店, but in the case of the true nakadoma machiya, the space to the rear of the shimomise is also floored. This kind of machiya has been found in various post towns *shukubamachi 宿場町 on the Toukaidaidou 東海道, Nakasendou 中山道, Nikkou kaidou 日光街道, and particularly the Kiso kaidou 木曾街道. The roadside location and the way the doma divides the main living room and the reception rooms all suggest that this was a layout used for inns *hatagoya 旅籠屋. A restored example is the Saga 嵯峨 house at Tsumagojuku 妻籠宿 in the Kiso valley.


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