Naikuugen torii  内宮源鳥居
KEY WORD : architecture / shrines
Small entrance-gates at Yoshida Jinja 吉田神社 in Kyoto. They are located in front of two small shrines behind the octagonal building known as the Saijousho 斎場所. Specifically they are Higashi Shinmeisha 東神明社 and Nishi Shinmeisha 西神明社. The rather small wooden gate *torii 鳥居 in front of the former has a framed plaque *gakubuchi 額縁, inscribed with the characters: naikuugen 内宮源. A tiny pent-roof projects out from the peak of the top lintel above the plaque. This torii resembles, to some extent, the Ise type torii erected at the entrances to the most sacred precincts of the Ise's Inner and Outer Shrines, Ise Jinguu 伊勢神宮 Naikuu 内宮 and Gekuu 外宮. However, the Naikuugen torii at Yoshida Jinja is unique in having pillars which are octagonal in section. If imaginary straight lines are projected from the down slants of the cut ends of the top and secondary lintels, *kasagi 笠木 and *shimaki 島木, they will terminate precisely at the base of the pillars. The pillars are wider than the secondary lintel. The top lintel is wider still and is pentagonal in section. It is protected by a copper covering.


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