Musashino 武蔵野
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Lit. Musashi 武蔵 plain. A part of the Kantou 関東 plain which extends south from Kawagoe 川越 City in Saitama prefecture to Fuchuu 府中 in Tokyo. Famous in Japanese poetry as a place-name (see *meisho-e 名所絵) associated with the moon and autumn grasses *akikusa 秋草. It is also known from an episode of the Section 12 of ISE MONOGATARI 伊勢物語 (The Tales of Ise), where two illicit lovers hiding in the tall grasses are driven out into the open by pursuing officials threatening to set fire to the plain.

*ise monogatari-e 伊勢物語絵

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