motoichi shakuriganna 基市決鉋
KEY WORD : architecture / tools
A plane used to curve the grooves in a doorsill or lintel. Unlike the *mizoganna 溝鉋, this plane has a guide attached to the plane stock which serves as a regulator that precisely controls the position and length of the groove. The motoichi shakuriganna also has a special blade for paring the sides of a groove called a wakibari 脇針. The main cutting blade is fitted into the top of the plane stock in the same way as a smoothing plane.
A) cutting blade.
B) 脇針 wakibari (blades for paring groove edges).
C) capping iron.
D) the wakibari can be rotated for sharpening.
E) cutting blade.
F) capping iron.
G) wakibari.
H) plane stock.
I)  guide

*hiraganna 平鉋 

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