Momijinoga 紅葉賀
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Lit. celebration of autumn leaves. A pictorial subject based on Chapter 7 of GENJI MONOGATARI 源氏物語 (The Tale of Genji) entitled Momijinoga, translated as "An Autumn Excursion". In this chapter, Fujitsubo 藤壷 (see *Kiritsubo 桐壷) becomes pregnant as a result of her affair with Genji 源氏, and the prince born to her bears an unmistakable resemblance to Genji, rather than to the Emperor Kiritsubo. The most frequently illustrated scene is the rehearsal in the imperial garden of a performance to be given during the royal excursion, where Genji and his freind Tou no Chuujou 頭中将 dance Waves of the Blue Ocean, Seigaiha 青海波. Another scene illustrated from this chapter shows a young Murasaki (see *Wakamurasaki 若紫) playing with dolls and small dollhouses while her nurse tells her to be more wifely.

*genji-e 源氏絵 

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