mokuhitsu 木筆
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Also read bokuhitsu. Lit. wooden brush.

1 A charred wooden stick used for underdrawings. See *yakifude 焼筆.

2 A spatula-shaped piece of wood with its tip finely cut and used like a brush. Depending on the way the brush is manipulated, the lines produced can be of various thicknesses. The MEIGETSUKI 明月記, a diary by Fujiwara Sadaie 藤原定家 (also read Teika: 1162-1241), records that the technique of employing mokuhitsu was transmitted by the priests of Kouyasan 高野山. A well-known example is the late 15c Fudou Myouou drawn with the mokuhitsu, Mokuhitsu Fudou Myouou 木筆不動明王 by Chikai 智海 .


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