mochiokuri 持送
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Lit. transmit support. A bracket, brace, modillion or console. A devise used to support an overhanging structural element. Many are decorative. Such devises bear the weight of pent roofs *hisashi 廂, beams *keta 桁 or *hari 梁, shelves *tana 棚, or other members. A modillion is a decorative member used to support a cornice. A single diagonal prop used to support a pent roof is called udegibisashi 腕木廂.
Nagatomi 永富 house (Hyougo)
Nagatomi 永富 house (Hyougo)

a) *dashigeta 出桁  b) *udegi 腕木  c) mochiokuri 持送


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