meshiawase 召合
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
The meeting of two structural elements that butt together. Examples include sliding doors *fusuma 襖 or *shouji 障子, that close on the same track. The frame parts which meet are called meshiawasebuchi 召合縁. One of the butting frames may have a small convex part or astragal called jougibuchi 定規縁 which covers the very slight gap where the two parts meet. This prevents drafts. If the meeting edges are made with a tongue and groove or with a lap joint *aigaki 相欠, they are called meshiawasegamachi 召合框 or deaigamachi 出合框.

a) *deaibuchi 出合縁 b) meshiawase 召合

c) jougibuchi 定規縁

*deaibuchi 出合縁 

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