me-ita 目板
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Sometimes called itabuki me-ita 板葺目板. Narrow boards or panel strips nailed over the joints of adjacent boards. When nailed from underneath the boards are called shikime-ita 敷目板. If nailed horizontally from above, the boards are called *yokome-ita 横目板. Wood siding made of panel strips is called me-itabame 目板羽目. If the panel strips are used with tiles, they are called *me-itagawara 目板瓦. Me-ita are also used as fence boards, roofing and ceiling boards, storage cupboards *tobukuro 戸袋 and rain shutters *amado 雨戸.
Horiuchi 堀内 house (Nagano)
Horiuchi 堀内 house (Nagano)


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