mechigaihozotsuki kamatsugi  目違ほぞ付鎌継
KEY WORD : architecture / joints
Also called ookamatsugi 大鎌継, shinkamatsugi 真鎌継. Half-blind mortise and tenon gooseneck joint. A variation of the gooseneck joint *kamatsugi 鎌継. An elongated gooseneck-shaped tenon, the male piece of which is made on the butt-end of one beam and the accommodating mortise is cut on the end of another beam. The gooseneck tenon fits perfectly into the mortise on the indented piece. Slightly over halfway down from the top of the beam on each side of the gooseneck mortise are an L-shaped slot and a reversed L-shaped slot. Projected half blind tenons mechigai 目違 slide into these slots. The shape of the joint is visible on top, but from the side, it appears to be an ordinary splicing joint. This joint is used for purlins and ground sills and must have supporting members beneath it.


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