matsutaka-zu 松鷹図
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Also matsu-ni-taka-(no)-zu 松に鷹図. Lit. paintings of hawks in pine trees. Pine trees matsu 松 were not only a popular motif of *yamato-e やまと絵 from the Heian period (see *hamamatsu-zu 浜松図), but were frequently depicted in China and in the *kanga 漢画 painting tradition where the pine was associated with chastity (see *saikan sanyuu 歳寒三友). The combination of pine trees and hawks taka 鷹, which symbolized fighting prowess (see also *takagari 鷹狩 and *shichou-zu 鷲鳥図), was a favorite subject of warrior-patrons of the 15c and 16c . Representations of hawks in pine trees painted on large screens or panels made impressive backdrops in main reception rooms. Well-known examples include large ink hanging scrolls by Sesson Shuukei 雪村周継 (act 16c) in Tokyo National Museum, a pair of screens attributed to Kanou Eitoku 狩野永徳 (1543-90) in Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku 東京芸術大学, and the paintings on the interior walls of Nijoujou 二条城 attributed to Kanou Tan'yuu 狩野探幽 (1602-74).

matsutaka-zu 松鷹図 at Tokyo National Museum  

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