mashikoyaki 益子焼
KEY WORD : art history / crafts
Mashiko ware. A modern pottery type made in Mashiko 益子 village, Tochigi prefecture. The Mashiko kiln was started around 1853 by Ootsuka Keisaburou 大塚啓三郎 for making practical vessels. Hamada Shouji 浜田庄司 (1894-1978) lived there from the 1920s and led the revival of mashikoyaki in the folk-art movement. The town is also associated with the British potter Bernard Leach (1887-1979). The distinctive folkish appearance and understated simplicity of Mashiko ware make it an appealing tableware. In addition to wheelthrown articles, a slip trailing method creates the trademark linear designs of mashikoyaki.


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