maijou 舞尉
KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
Dancing old man. A noh mask *noumen 能面 representing an old god or spirit used only by the Houshou 宝生 school. The comparatively few wrinkles of this *joumen 尉面 mask lends it a quiet and gentle expression. Protruding cheeks set off the mask's kind eyes, while its slight smile reveals both upper and lower teeth. The mask has a light, earthy yellow coloring. While tan horse hair is implanted on the chin, the mustache and area below the lower lip are painted. The original is attributed to the 15c carver Fukurai 福来. Worn for the role of a solemn, dignified old god in the second act of plays like OIMATSU 老松, HOUJOUGAWA 放生川, and HAKURAKUTEN 白楽天 and to depict a spirit of a tree as in YUUGYOUYANAGI 遊行柳. All these roles include a slow instrumental dance, either jo-no-mai 序ノ舞 or shin-no-jo-no-mai 神ノ序ノ舞. Maikojou 舞小尉 is a mask similar to ko-ushijou 小牛尉, but used like maijou.

*shiwajou 皺尉, *ishioujou 石王尉 

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