magozuka 孫束
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Also called kozuka 小束. A very short strut or post used in a roof truss. Magozuka are the shortest struts positioned closest to the ends of the transverse beam *hari 梁 that are attached to eave purlins *dashigeta 出桁. Known is English as a princess strut. The ridge-supporting struts *shinzuka 真束, are called the king posts. The queen posts taizuka 対束, usually taller than the king post, are positioned to carry the ends of the upper, shorter, straight transverse beams that support the king posts. In the simplest Japanese method of roof framing, wagoyagumi 和小屋組, the magozuka are set slightly more than halfway between the queen post and the point where the transverse beams that are attached to the eave purlins.
Hontokuji Kuri 本徳寺庫裏 ( Hyougo)6
a) magozuka 孫束 b) taizuka 対束
Hontokuji Kuri 本徳寺庫裡 (Hyougo)

*tsuka 束, *ushibari 牛梁 

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