maezutsumi 前包
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
A transverse timber positioned at the base of the latticework *kitsunegoushi 狐格子 that fills the gable pediments of a hip-and gable roof *irimoya yane 入母屋屋根, or dormer bargeboard *chidori hafu 千鳥破風. The ends of this timber fit under the roof overhang of the barge courses *keraba 螻羽. Another horizontal board suooi 須覆 with a slight incline is placed over the top of the maezutsumi to deflect rainwater and prevent leakage.
Chuuguuji 中宮寺 (Nara)
Chuuguuji 中宮寺 (Nara)
Jishouji Tougudou 慈照寺東求堂 (Kyoto)
Jishouji Tougudou 慈照寺(Kyoto)

*koushi 格子 

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