kyoushoku 胸飾
KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
Also read munakazari, or kyoutetsu 胸綴 An ornament found on the breast of *bosatsu 菩薩, *myouou 明王, and *ten 天 sculpted images. The ornament was hung around the neck, and took the form of a flat decorative plate, or a chain of metals or precious stones. A jewelled string *youraku 瓔珞 was often hung from the kyoushoku. On wooden statues, kyoushoku were carved from the same block as the main image, or made separately in metal and attached, as on Kudara Kannonzou 百済観音像 (late 6-early 7c) in Houryuuji Daihouzouden 法隆寺大宝蔵殿, Nara.


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