kyouji 胸字
KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
The mark 卍 manji on the chest of the Buddha. Kyouji is listed as one of the 32 attributes of Buddha *sanjuunisou 三十二相 in the MURYOUJUKYOU 無量寿経, the central scripture of Pure Land Buddhism, Joudokyou 浄土教. It is also found on the chest of *nyorai 如来 and *bosatsu 菩薩 figures, for example the Amida Nyoraizazou 阿弥陀如来坐像 in Anrakujuin 安楽寿院, Kyoto. This sign originated in India, and appears on the chest of the god Vishnu. In Japan it represents the possession of all virtues and is used as a symbol of the Buddhist faith.


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