kyoshinkou 挙身光
KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
Lit. whole body halo. A halo, *kouhai 光背 surrounding the head and body of a Buddhist image. Named according to its shape and decoration; for example a boat shape (with a pointed top) is called *funagata kouhai 舟形光背, a flame design *kaen kouhai 火焔光背, and a cloud design kumogatakou 雲形光. Some kyoshinkou known as *nijuu enkou 二重円光 (double round hal), *zukou 頭光 (consist of a round head halo) and *shinkou 身光 (body halo) joined together. A single halo enclosing all three figures of a triad sanzonzou 三尊像 is called ikkou sanzonshiki kouhai 一光三尊式光背 (see *ikkou sanzon 一光三尊). A good example of a boat shaped kyoshinkou can be seen on the Shaka sanzonzou 釈迦三尊像 (623) in Houryuuji *Kondou 法隆寺金堂, Nara, and a double round kyoshinkou on the Amida nyoraizou 阿弥陀如来像 (946) in Iwafunedera 岩船寺, Kyoto.


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