kourin moyou 光琳模様
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Also kourin mon'you 光琳文様. Decorative designs which resemble the work of the artist Ogata Kourin 尾形光琳 (1658-1716). They are distinguished by vivid colors, the use of silver and gold backgrounds, and various unique designs. Examples include: the Kourin apricot blossoms kourin'ume 光琳梅, the Kourin chrysanthemun kouringiku 光琳菊, the Kourin pine kourinmatsu 光琳松, and Kourin water kourinmizu 光琳水, among others. The designs were used for textiles, lacquerwork, ceramics and painting, especially screens. During the Edo period, the designs were so popular that they were even used for native sweets. They were listed in books of sample patterns hinagatabon 雛形本 in the late Edo period.


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