koshiguruwa 腰郭
KEY WORD : architecture / castles
Lit. waist compound. In a mountain castle *yamajiro 山城, a compound found on the side of the mountain, as opposed to the main compound on the mountain top. Compounds which are sited on a mountainside and are thought to deviate from the line of the mountain ridge are distinguished by the term sodekuruwa 袖郭 (sleeve compound). Sodekuruwa are sometimes arranged in a step formation over an entire section of the mountainside or in a spiral form around the mountain but the distinction between koshiguruwa and sodekuruwa is not always clear. Koshiguruwa are often long and narrow in shape. See *obiguruwa 帯郭. In flatland castles *hirajiro 平城, long narrow compounds built one step lower than the main compound are also called koshiguruwa.


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