Konmeichi-no-shouji 昆明池障子
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
A tall (6 shaku 尺, or 181.8 cm), single-panel, standing screen *tsuitate shouji 衝立障子 placed in the extended area *hirobisashi 広廂 of the Seiryouden 清涼殿, the main building of Kyoto Gosho 京都御所. From the Heian period, the front of this screen had an image of Lake Kunming (Jp: Konmeichi 昆明池), a body of water created to the west of Chang'an (Jp: Chouan 長安) at the order of Emperor Wu (Jp: Butei 武帝, reign: BC 141-87) of the Han dynasty, for use in naval training. The Japanese theme of falconry at *Sagano 嵯峨野, was painted on the reverse side. Both sides use color. No Heian period Konmeichi-no-shouji is extant; however, a representation is included in a scene at the Seiryouden in the first scroll of the illustrated handscroll of stories about The Conspiracy against The Courtier Ban Dainagon Ban Dainagon emaki 伴大納言絵巻 (12c; Idemitsu 出光 Museum, Tokyo).


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