KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Lit. Remarks on Old Paintings, a 51 chapter, mid-19c, painters' biography compiled by Asaoka Okisada 朝岡興禎 (1800-56), son of Kanou Naganobu 狩野栄信 (1775-1828). Biographies for roughly 3,500 painters from the Asuka to the early Edo periods are included in 48 chapters. Specific arrangement is based on the social rank of the artist within a general chronological order. About 480 Chinese emigrant painters living in Nagasaki as well as Korean painters are also included. For each artist, reference is made to characteristic examples of their work, and their signatures are faithfully copied. There are also extensive appendices which list technical terms as well as paintings on sliding doors *fusuma 襖, folding screens *byoubu 屏風, and hand scrolls *emaki 絵巻. An inscription in Chapter 50 gives a date of 1845 (Kouka 弘化 2), while another in Chapter 1 is dated 1850 (Kaei 嘉永 3). The original manuscript is preserved in the Library of Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku 東京芸術大学. In 1904 Oota Kin 太田謹 revised and published a supplemented edition, ZOUTEI KOGA BIKOU 増訂古画備考, primarily adding information suggested by Meiji scholars.


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