KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
Fox. The fox is represented in the kyougen 狂言 play TSURIGITSUNE 釣狐 (Fox Trapping) by a masked figure in a fox costume. There are many varieties of fox masks, ranging from the cunning and crafty, to the old and wizened. Some masks have a fierce expression and are relatively realistic; they have a large protruding snout, a tongue poking out between sharp teeth, and nostrils flaring up from the top lip. The sharply tapered eyes with hollow black pupils look hostile, and the mask's surface is textured and painted to resemble a fox's fur. Often the lower jaw is carved into a separate piece which is joined at the back to form a moveable jaw. Other fox masks have more human features; rounded jaws with a wide smiling mouth, straight rows of small teeth, a small nose, high cheek bones, and beady eyes. The first half of TSURIGITSUNE uses a special mask to represent the fox disguised as the trapper's uncle, Hakuzousu 伯蔵主. The hakuzousu mask has a jutting-out mouth with small canine teeth, pointed forehead, and triangular eyes.

*kyougenmen 狂言面, *noumen 能面

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